Get a house in Idaho for $100 and a good story

My friend James is trying to sell his house in Idaho so he can move his family and himself to Nashville. (He's an amazing web designer who works remotely for us at Paramore | Redd.)

With the current housing situation, his house is now valued for less than he owes on it... and is having trouble selling it in the depressed market of his community.

So... rather than wait it out, he's gotten pro-actively creative about selling it himself with a $100 House Essay Contest.

For just $100 and an essay about why you should win his house, you've got a chance to get a house for just $100. If he can get around 2,500 entries... he'll make what he needs to make to cover his loan and one lucky person / family will have purchased his home for $100 and a story.

Pretty cool idea, huh?!

He's told his story to all the local media outlets... and I'm sure it is just a matter of time before the networks and NPR pick up on it as well.

Thought you might want to get the jump on it. *wink*

Please feel free to pass along and/or repost.


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