Is it Monday already?!

Wow...the weekend went way too fast.

Saturday I spent most of the day taking care of domestic things, soaking in the tub and then going out to see a some songwriters perform at our favorite music club.

Sunday, I had a Vision Team meeting before church, sang in church and then finished a few more domestic tasks that needed attention. My friend Eric came over for a songwriting appointment. After he left, I went to the Bluebird to check out the Sunday night writers night so I'd know what to expect in two weeks when I perform there. (Can I get a big, "WHOOHOOOOO!")

John's BMT Florida Tour
Talked to John several times over the weekend. He's having a great time touring around Florida through 7/4 with Blue Mother Tupelo.

Friday (6.25.04), BMT's gig was in / near Tallahassee. It was a small venue, but they had a great response. Sold 14 CDs and had a GREAT time.

On Saturday (6.26.04), they opened for The Subdudes in Tampa. The show was sold out (approx 750 people) and it went GREAT. Plus, John's aunt, Marion, and her husband were able to attend the show, too. Sounds like they had a blast and that the crowd was really into Blue Mother Tupelo. They sold 50 CDs after the show! John said he had people from the audience coming up to him (and Micol & Ricky, too) all night, complimenting them on the performance and asking for autographs, etc. PLUS...The Subdudes loved them too. John said they mentioned how great BMT's set was during their show and each of the band members made an an extra effort to talk to John, Micol and Ricky both before and after the gig. VERY COOL. The Subdudes really loved them and asked for CDs, too. John says he thinks they all had a great musical connection and that he hoped their paths would cross again soon.

Sunday (6.27.04), Micol, Ricky and John moved to a hotel near the beach in Sarasota. No gigs until 7/1, so they're planning to do a little exploring. John also got to walk in the Gulf yesterday and hopes to get a little sun today.

Here's an outline of the rest of the tour:
Thursday, July 1

Friday, July 2

Saturday, July 3

Well...as much as I'd like to write more...I really need to get my big giant butt back to work.

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend, too.



Anonymous said...

Hey Jeanne ~
Just wanted to "post a comment" about your Blog site. I think it's a great idea. You can write down everything one time for everybody, and have them check it out when they can. Sounds like you've been really busy, and sounds like John's gigs in Florida are going well for him. Kenny rode with Coleman out to Chicago Fri. till Sun. for a gig and Kenny did some yard work at his folks' place. I was at Daniel & Carrie's in Akron and watched my niece Emmalee Sat. night while they went to the street dance. I didn't get to lounge in the pool Sat. as the weather has been very cool and cloudy here...so I was a little disappointed. Now, it's a gorgeous Monday...and I'm at work! Just wanted to say Hi and that I'm thinking of you. Hope you have a great week! (What are your plans for the 4th?)
Love ya ~ Denice

BBLogan said...

Whoohoooo! Denice wins. (Not sure what the prize is yet...but you win!) She's the first to post a comment on BB's Blog.

You made my whole day sistah! You know...it has been very WARM here in TN. Maybe you should come down for a few years...um...I mean...days.
; )

Have a GREAT Monday. Hope you get a chance to get out and enjoy a walk in the nice weather tonight.


BBLogan said...

PS: Not sure about the 4th yet. Church for sure and then I might go out to Gwen's(3rd & Lindsley) for a couple hours. After that...not sure...Might go see Buddy and Julie Miller at 3rd that night. We'll see.
What are you doing for the 4th? Will Kenny be in town?

Anonymous said...

I was hoping to go with Kenny to Colorado for a few days while the band does their gigs, but I just have too much going on at work with client meetings right now! My idea I suggested to my family weeks ago - about going camping didn't fly very well since the weather hasn't been the best and no one wanted to make a commitment! (My family is so laid back sometimes, it's frustrating. We used to love going camping! I just might have to venture out on my own somewhere close for a day soon .) So...I plan to go down to the farm in Iowa and help mom celebrate her 61st B-day, shoot off fireworks with my niece and nephews, grill out, and relax on the porch. We also might go into the pool at Dan's if it's actually warm weather. Carrie bought the cutest little swim suit for Em with a matching sun hat and these flower petal shaped sunglasses. Did I send you any digital photos yet? I'm getting used to the Sony for the photos, and my new Sanyo cell phone. Anyway, gotta get back to work. Miss you and thinking of you. Love ya ~ Denice