Oh what a night...

Last night I went to see some label showcases at 3rd & Lindsley.

Windswept Music artists / songwriters performed: Fanny Grace, Randy Howser, Caitlan Evanson

AND...one of my favs...Jeffrey Steele performed with three 3 Ring Circus (Jeffrey's own publishing company) songwriters. Of course, that was my favorite part of the night! And, Steve C was there rippin' it up as well. (Steve C is Jeffrey's guitar player...and, he's been backing me up on songwriter nights, too. He is an incredible player and one of the coolest people we've met in Nashville. LOVE HIM.)

At the end of the night, my friend Gwen and I talked with Jeffrey on the way out the door. She is such a little ?@#!. As I was saying, "great show as always...loved 3 Ring Circus...see ya next time..." to Jeffrey, Gwen piped up and said, "You know...Jeanne has a wonderful voice..." Gwen's so sweet, but it kind of embarrassed me and I thought I was going to die...UNTIL...he responded,

"She does?! Well...do you want to get up and sing with me next time?"

My response?

To Jeffrey Steele:
"Sure...you say the word. I'd love to sit in. We'll have a blast."

Inside my head:

It's not official yet, but there is a possibility that Jeffrey and his band will be playing at 3rd & Lindsley on August 13. If that proves to be true, I'll be there! What a hoot...me singing with Jeffrey Steele.

Johnny The clock UPDATE:
John and Blue Mother Tupelo left Sarasota yesterday for their next gig in West Palm Beach.

WARNING: Alligators
On the way, there were quick boat ramps along the road. Around these they saw signs warning to watch for alligators. WILD. So, of course, they decided to stop at one of the boat ramps to look for some alligators...I mean really...what else should you do when you see alligator warning signs?! HA. Anyway, John said they walked up to the bank, looked down and right there was an alligator laying there sunning himself. Yikers! John said it was really cool but a little un-nerving.

ALERT: Extreme homes ahead
Once they arrived in West Palm Beach and checked into their hotel, they decided to go do a little sight seeing. According to John, there are homes in West Palm Beach that make some of the largest mansions in Nashville seem like shacks. He said they were HUGE and all along the waters edge with boat docks and private beaches. Of course, being in an area like this also meant that they had one heck of a time finding an affordable place to eat supper!

ATTENTION: John rocks.
Have I told you lately...that John is my FAVORITE person in the whole world? Have I told you how proud I am of John? He is the most talented, kind, compassionate and determined person I know...If only I could be just like him! I miss John terribly, but LOVE knowing that he is out doing what he loves to do with some very cool friends. I wouldn't want it any other way. The only thing that would make it better is if I had three months of vacation so that I could take time off to go with him on all of the cool trips! Can't wait to see all the photos he's taken on the Florida trip. I'll be sure to post a couple here (if I ever take the time to figure out just how to do that! HA.)

Well...that's all for now.
I'd better get some work done!

Have a GREAT day.

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