Sarah McLachlan, Daryl Hammond and Carol King

Q: What do these three celebrities have in common?
A: I saw all three of them perform last week!

Sarah McLachlan
Last Wednesday I skipped choir to redeem my birthday present from John: two tickets to Sarah McLachlan. The show was incredible and better than I could have expected. The musicians were incredible (her drummer is also her husband) and Sarah's voice was spot on.

I have to admit...I was a little worried that seeing her live would ruin my opinion of her music. Would she sound as good live as she does on the album? The answer is unequivocally YES. In fact, she sounded better in person. Both John and I were impressed with the music, the performance and the execution of the show. It was excellent.

Darrell Hammond
John left for a gig in North Carolina on Friday. I went into the day without a thing to do Friday night. But, before the work day was over, I'd been invited to go to Zanies to see Darrell Hammond perform.

Before the show, several of us went to Mafioza's for pizza for a slice and a draft or two. Then, a total of eleven of us met at Zanie's. We had a GREAT time. My stomach hurt from laughing by the time the night was over. There were two opening comics who were just as funny as Darrell Hammond.

Carol King
Then on Saturday, the crowning day of the weekend, I went to see Carol King at the Ryman Auditorium with LindaDblu and Peach. It has been in the works for literally months. (John was sooooo bummed that he could go. She's one of his favs. Don't worry though...I bought him a consolation Carole King cap! HA.)

The tour is called "The Living Room Tour" and for good reason. The stage contains a grand piano, two guitars and a couple amps with a cozy living room set...complete with couch, chair, tapestry rugs, lamps and even a couple fake fichus trees. It was really cool...um...I mean warm. (I'm so confused.)

She sang tons of songs we all know and spent just as much time on the songs that aren't as familiar. Accompanying her on about half of the songs were Rudy Guess (her guitarist, musical director and producer) and one of Nashville's finest tunesmiths, Gary Burr .

Carole sounds sooooo good. As she stated several times during the performance, she's 62. I hope I look and act like Carole King when I'm 62...no wait...I want to be like her NOW! HA. She looks great, she sounds great and she is sharp as a tack.

If you get a chance to attend one of the "Living Room" tour dates...don't pass it up!

OK...wish I could write more but I have to get going.
I'll write more tomorrow.



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