Seinfeld DVD Gift Set and "Open Water"

Friday's USA Today had a couple interesting nuggets:

Something About Nothing
Seinfeld is coming out on DVD!

The 18 episodes from the first and second seasons on Volume 1 include two versions of the pilot plus such cherished moments as Jerry's disdain of Dockers and Elaine's first "get out!' shove. The 22 shows from the third season on Volume 2 introduce Wayne Knight as Jerry's nemesis Newman and such terms as "hand" (as in upper hand) and "the vault" (where secrets are kept sealed in the mind).

With the $119.95 gift set, you get a bonus: Monk's Diner salt and pepper shakers shaped like mustard and ketchup containers. Confusing yet cute.

The 24 hours of additional features split between the two volumes include a documentary, bloopers, outtakes, never-seen-before Seinfeld stand-up routines, commentaries and trivia. Ever wonder where Kramer was during the Chinese restaurant episode? The secret is finally revealed.

John and I may have to bite the bullet and purchase a DVD player for this!

Open Water
"Surfacing from an underwater excursion to find you've been left high and dry by your boat is a scuba diver's worst nightmare - and a dramatic hook for the summer's newest psychological thriller."

Apparently, the sharks in this film are not mechanical. The actors were really surrounded by actual sharks throughout the shoot. I'm sure that made the fear on their faces VERY BELIEVABLE.

It's the latest movie to come out of the Sundance Film Festival and the , review , made us want to see the movie.

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