Gig Evidence

Check out the pics my friend RJ took at the BB & the Roundabouts gig on Friday night.
Very cool.
Thanks RJ!

BB & the Roundabouts gettin' started. (From L to R: Cat, Steve C, JTC, BB (me!), Hubie and Josh)

JTC and Steve C gettin' their groove on.

Kiwamu (a.k.a. Josh)in his acoustic pocket.

BB on the mic and Hubie layin' down some bass in the background.

Must work on my strange singer faces.

Do I really look like this?

Oh well... new gig dates coming soon.
Thanks, again, to everyone who was able to make it out to see us last week!


B.J. said...

I definitely need to get out and see a show some time. Come to think of it, I just need to get out more in general...

BBLogan said...

Definitely (times two).