8 Years ago today...

JTC and I were getting hitched.
John and I have been married eight years.
And... we've known each other since 1993.
It doesn't seem like it's been that long...
but then again...
it seems like I've known him all my life.

We had the best wedding... seriously. It was a small, hometown wedding in the remote reaches of Northeast Nebraska. Originally it was supposed to be outside with about 40 guests in my parent's pasture near the Missouri River... followed by a huge reception / party in town.

But then it rained.

So, in small town fashion, we shifted gears. Pastor had already made sure the church (the one I grew up in BTW) was there as a back-up plan. So, we got on the phone and invited everyone who was coming to the reception to the wedding, too. Everyone we called, called someone else and then they called someone else, and so on. When all was said and done there were probably 200 or more people who came to the service. We even greeted everyone at the door as they arrived... it was GREAT. It truly rocked.

My friend Denice (who's back hurt so bad that day she could hardly stand it... what an amazing friend) sang a song I wrote for the service while our friend Rod backed her on guitar.

We said our vows... everything else felt like time flying by... but the vows stopped time for a little while. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

Once the service was over, John and I stood at the end of every row and said hello / thank you to everyone. It was so amazing to have everyone there.

After the service, we rode all over Bloomfield in a horse drawn wagon driven (and owned) by a long-time family friend, Doug... eventually he delivered us to the reception at the local VFW.

By the time we arrived there, tons of friends and family had already bellied up to the open bar (my Dad insisted) and we ready to enjoy the incredible food prepared by my Mom, Brenda and our neighbor lady, Carol... ham, potatoes, potato salad, etc.

AND, my friend Paige made our wedding cake and the groom's cake. The wedding cake was perfect... simple white frosting with real flowers woven around the two tiers. John's groom cake looked like a drum... she even added a real pair of drum sticks to it for authenticity!

The reception was a whirlwind... I don't even think John and I spoke most of the night. We were too busy catchin up with family and friends who'd driven far and wide to be there.

Then, at the end of the night, we ended up across the street to another bar... John and I and our bandmates (Rod & Kenny & Denice) all sat-in with the band that was playing... wedding dress and all. It was spectacular.

To this day, John and I still reflect on our wedding day as one of the best days ever. And, I imagine we will for the rest of our lives, too.

So, eventhough the two of us aren't able to be in each other's presence on this very special day, we are together.

Waiting for JTC to come along is one of the smartest things I've ever done. Getting to spend the rest of our lives together just doesn't seem long enough. I feel truly blessed to be married to the most amazing man... and my favorite person in the entire universe.


Anonymous said...


Alison :)

t said...

You guys are AWESOME together! Happy Anniversary~
(Here's a poem I wrote long ago just for this purpose)

Love, your wife

You open your eyes to muster a smile
As I lightly kiss your cheek
I secure myself to your side
Because without you near I am weak

The caress of your hand
Relaxes me in every way
But your sweet, sweet love
Is what I look forward to each day

The smell of your hair, the taste of your skin
This ecstasy I refuse to share
I have taken you as my man
To live the dreams only others dare

I make you this promise
Today to the end
To entwine with your heart
To become your best friend

Partners forever
In this journey of life
Heart mind and soul
Job title: Your Wife


BBLogan said...

That is so beautiful.
Thank you!