Bekka Bramlett is hosting a benefit for a friend in need TONIGHT at 3rd & Lindsley from 6 - 9... there's going to be a great line-up of of incredible songwriters / musicians. And... I'm so STOKED that I get to perform, too.

Hope to see you there!


Chez Bez said...

My crush on Bekka is huge. Too bad I just read this and it's 8:59 according to my little clock down at the bottom right of my computer. I bet it was a blast singing in the company of someone so awesome.

I was just telling a friend of mine about her Mick Fleetwood/Zoo project the other day. That was released on Capricorn Records, whose founder Phil Walden, just passed away.

Anyway, my best to everyone. Back to the new World Party for me...

BBLogan said...

Well... she's a good person to have a crush on. Bekka is amazing all the way around. It's so cool that you know about the Zoo... but then again I'm not surprised... you're love of music (good music I might add).

The benefit went well and we all had a great time lending our performances to help a friend who lost a baby recently. I'm hoping to post pics later... but I have to get them from a friend who took them first!