Taylor won!


Taylor Hicks is the new American Idol.

He's been my favorite since the very first auditions... and now my faith in America's taste is renewed... just a little bit.

Can't wait to buy his albums.


Denice said...

Hey You...should've called you last night to talk about Taylor being voted for American Idol. I agree, he was the best choice. I taped it, but didn't get to watch everything...so I'll try to do that this weekend. Oh...I'm back on myspace. Asked you to be "my friend". Talk to ya soon.

Love ya ~ Denice

jag said...

Soul Patrol!

I was so friggin happy he won. I've like him since the beginning.

RaceBelle said...

I agree girl - I have loved him since day one as well - and I tell ya what - that boy can play a harmonica now - he's just so darn cool!!!!

Go Taylor!