Thank you, Dove.

Here's a glimpse of a new Dove campaign.

Thank you, Dove.

Now... parents everywhere... please show this to your kids.
They need to know that THIS is reality... not the end product they see.
It's time for a reality check.


t said...

That's AWESOME!!!! I don't know what I would use Dove on, but if they start making eye cream I'm so there. LOL (I kid, I kid). I'm buying it next time foosho.

lcreekmo said...

My SEVEN YEAR OLD understands that they do this. That probably no woman she sees on TV, in the movies, in magazines, is real. She doesn't understand it. Frankly me neither.

Linda said...

I tried to access this ad from work on YouTube yesterday, but we can't access YouTube from work anymore...

BBLogan said...

Wow. Site restricting at work actually seems counter productive to me... but what do I know?!

To heck with U-tube... the first link goes to a page with a player... although I think it is a quick time player.