We have gigage.

UPDATE 10/21: The gigs went GREAT last night and Thursday. It was inspiring to be amongst so many incredible songwriters. Loved getting to sing ITR with my girls Lala and Karleen last night. Being on stage with them really feels magical. Can't wait to do it again! Jon Nite, Brock Goodwin, Chuck Jones, Chuck Cannon, Mark Stephen Jones and Trent Jeffcoat blew my mind as usual. Awesome. I love this town. Thanks to everyone who came out. **mwah**


7 p.m.
The French Quarter
Jon Nite, Brock Goodwin & ME in-the-round

FRIDAY, 10/20
7 - 9 p.m.
Lyrix Cafe
Mark Stephen Jones, Trent Jeffcoat, Chuck Cannon, Karleen Watt, Lala Deaton & ME
It's a dinner set... so come hungry and bring a date!

AND... NEXT WEEK (in case you're wondering)
9ish or so
Jonathan's Grille (Bellvue location)
Danny Torroll Band featuring ME
It's a funk, blues and rockin' cover gig... no serious music biz stuff... just some soulful musicians havin' some good groovin' entertaining fun.

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