Utah bound

Wow... I'm on my way to Park City, UT later this week for my third Durango Songwriter Expo.

Went in May and last October. It's an incredible event. I've learned tons, met tons of talented friends / writers and gotten some great feedback on songs I've written and co-written. Plus, there are hit songwriters, publishers, labels and PROs represented all the way around. It's a great way to make connections that carry on past the Expo.

So... I'm going again Thursday (10/4) through Sunday (10/8).

And, this time there's an added BONUS to attending: I'm going to be a featured writer in one of the Expo's showcases.

I'm so STOKED.

It's a great opportunity to share a song with other writers and industry people. Planning to perform "World Famous". And, it will be a extra special because Karleen Watt will be at the Expo, too. She and I wrote the song together... so we're going to perform it together. (Win. Win.)

Hopefully I won't be too swamped to write about the fun we have once I get back!

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lcreekmo said...

Oh I'm so glad you got to go to this again!! I know how much you've loved it before. Can't wait to hear all about it.