Oh yeah... not home.

JTC got home at like... 3 a.m. Saturday and we had a blast together Sat, Sun and Mon (since I had the day off!) We packed as much time in together as we could (zoo, shopping, movie, eating and lots of talking about all the things we had done for the past five weeks while we were apart... yummy.)

I was jammin' at work Tuesday because Wednesday I took off for Santa Barbara... it's another songwriter expo and I'm stoked to be here...

so... that brings me to the title of this post...
I'm gonna be out of pocket again for a few days.
Sure... I'll miss you... but just maybe I'll have something cool to say and/or report when I get back! And... who knows?! With the free wireless access here in the hotel... I just might take time to post while I'm here, too.

Catch you soon.

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