Look at me... singin' with LRP!

Went to the birthday party of our friend Jon last night. It was so much fun... and it was at Sambuca.

Anyway, at the end of the night, Jon wanted to play so he hijacked JTC and LRP... they took over the stage and just jammed. Then... Lee Roy asked me to hop up and sing a couple with him and the boys.
What a trip.
Made my entire year.
Love that man.


Anonymous said...

Yay BB! How exciting!!!! I'm proud of ya girl!

Alison :)

Sarah Ashlee said...

That's so exciting! You're just too much rock for one hand!

Denice said...

Hey Jeanne!

You look beautiful, hot, and sexy.....wish I could've been there to here your amazing voice. Hope you're doing great. Good to do the "car talk" with you. Miss you too.

Love ya ~ Denice