What the...?!@#$?

OK... JTC and I watched "Last Comic Standing" last night.

There were some HILARIOUS comics on the show. Only five were going to be picked to move on to the next round... and they ended up choosing seven because there were so many good ones.

We laughed our asses off... I literally thought I was going to pee in my pants at one point. Unfortunately, I didn't write down any of their names and I can't find them on the Last Comic Standing site... but I can describe them:
  • The guy with the guitar... FUNNY.
  • The guy with the segue introduction... FUNNY.
  • The woman with the stair master imitation... FUNNY.
  • The chick with the lisp and the duct tape... FUNNY.
  • The tall guy with the glasses who talked about sleeping too much... FUNNY.
  • The big Hawaiian lookin' guy... FUNNY.
  • The former school teacher guy... FUNNY.
I think I may be missing a couple... but that's all I can remember for sure. Here's the deal though... only two of the people we laughed hysterically hard over was selected to move on to the next round. (the stair master chick and the Hawaiian shirt guy)

What the...?!@#$?

Five of the seven people selected to move on sucked big-time. We were literally booing at the TV when they we're announcing them. Nothing against them personally... but I just really think they've got a long way to go. Their comedy was sophmoreish and they didn't deliver it or convince me. I was NOT entertained.

So, basically, JTC and I aren't planning to watch any more of the episodes. Somethin' isn't right with the process... I'm not going to support the show. It is inconceivable to me that Gary Marshall, Kathy Griffin and Tim Meadows picked the people that were selected.

Remember last season? Drew Carey and Red Butler stood up and walked off in one of the episodes because they compared who they voted for and realized that the producers picked their own people.

I smell somethin' fishy again this year.

Blah blah blah... nuff said.
Just in case you're wonderin'... I ain't watchin' it anymore.

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Dee said...

Yeah. I'm really convinced that shows like this one and "America's Got Talent" and "American Idol" are all mega-rigged nowadays. It's not the judges or the viewing public that gets people through; it's the producers and execs that realize some are more pop-culture TV marketable than others and will push them on in. It's really shitty and it's a good reason for me to ditch even basic cable.