Take it to the Hill

Been in DC since Friday setting up the NFIB Internet Cafe at the NFIB National Small Business Summit. IKEA provided all the furniture (Emily and Lynn... I can now hook you up! HEH!) and Dell sponsored the cafe along with providing several computers and a couple flat panel TVs. It's ROCKIN.

As of today... the conference has started. Members are trickling in and registering. It's really cool and something we do every two years for our members to help keep our small business voice energized. It's pretty incredible. I love getting the opportunity to meet our members and better understand what we're fighting for on their behalf.

This year's theme is "Take it to the Hill". We've got speakers like Meg Whitman from ebay, Mary Matlin and plenty of political heavy weights.

Each night of the Summit there is a great event. Tonight it's an all mixer with a region "picnic" with food from all over the country. Monday, we've got the Smithonian National Air & Space museum all to ourselves. Tuesday is the final gala at the National Building Museum.

Wednesday morning... we tear down and go home. It's gonna be fun and it's gonna go fast... but I'm looking forward to being home again.

If I get a chance... I'll post more in the next couple days.
I'll catch you on Thursday.
Have a GREAT week.

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