Weekend of rest?!

OK... maybe not.
But it was spectacular nonetheless.

Friday night, JTC and I went to see Stacie Collins (early show) and Jonell Mosser (late show) at 3rd & Lindsley. Both were spectacular. If you haven't had a chance to catch either of these fine women perform... I highly recommend you make the time to do so!

Stacie is a high energy, foot-kickin', ball of fire performer. She's got a great band and plays the harp like a... well... you know. And, just when you think it can't get any better, you figure out that she's a down-to-earth, nice person, too. Yay.

Jonell... as you all know... is my buddy and one of my favorite singers in town. Friday night she had a kick butt line-up backing her: Reese Wynans (Keys / B3 - Double Trouble), Tom Britt (Guitar - Vince Gill), Craig Krampf (Drums - Kim Karnes / Melissa Etheridge) and David Santos (Bass - Billy Joel). PLUS... Valerie Carter was there swappin' songs with Jonell. She's an incredible singer / writer who's toured with the likes of James Taylor.

The entire night was like goin' to church... wait... I think it was better than that even! It was so moving. And, toward the end of the night, Jonell asked me to get up and sing background with her... we had a blast singing Wet Willie's "Keep on smilin'" together. Felt so good.

Saturday, John and I ran a couple errands in the AM (after only about four hours of sleep). Then, we had lunch with our friend Jenn. Then, we went over to Steve C & Cat's house to record. And then, we went to 3rd to see several incredible writers in the round: Hillary Lindsley, Sherrie Austin, Dave Berg, Karyn Rochelle, Will Rambeaux, James Slater, etc. It was incredible. Bekka was there, too. She got up and sang a song she and James wrote, "Used," a truly amazing song. Then later on, she grabbed my hand and the two of us got up and sang background vox on one of James' songs. (I love that woman!)

Yesterday, JTC and I went to the Davinci Code. Not having read the book, I really enjoyed the movie. And, now that I've seen the movie, I'm definitely gonna read the book. I can't even imagine how much detail they must have had to leave out to make it!

Last night, we watched the first part of "Broken Trail" on the AMC channel. It was pretty good.

Then, at about 9 p.m., we crashed hard.
It was a crazy weekend... but so worth being tired.

Tonight... we're watching the second half of Broken trail... and then we're gonna go see my friend Lisa Carver perform at Ga'Dang (In Sole Mio's old location... love the venue but the name really bugs me. I feel like I'm takin' the Lord's name in vain every time I say it. Arrrgggggh.) Oh well... they've got great music and the food is affordably yummy, too.

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