Life is getting in the way...

...of me telling you that I got an iPhone.

It's true.
AND... it's amazing.

All the full-time carrots in the cabedge-patch now have one (Thank you, HOC! Thank you, team!)

The phone is really just a teeny, tablet computer that has the ability to be a phone. It's easy to use and there are only a few things I'd like to make better... which I'm sure Apple is already working on.

Things I LOVE about my new iPhone:
  • It's a conversation starter... everyone wants to check it out.
  • I can check my email (all of my email accounts) from my phone
  • I can use it in the car... driving down the road... in the middle of nowhere... well almost nowhere. Heh... I'm sure it won't work at my parent's place in NE.
  • It syncs with my iTunes... so I can add photos, music, vids, etc.
  • It syncs w/my iCal, my address book, my yahoo contacts... etc.
  • I can Google anything, anywhere, anytime
  • I can listen to my voice mail in any order I want to hear it... no more sifting through them one at a time.
  • I don't have to pay for it... well... directly anyway. Whoohooooo.
  • It's just sooooo cool and easy to use / set-up. I'm constantly finding new things that I love about this crazy thing... I can't think of everything right now.
Things I wish for the next version of the iPhone...
  • Access to ringtones either from my iTunes or downloadable.
  • Phone-to-phone photo messaging
  • More carrier options (like... oh... say... Verizon.)
  • An accessible / changeable battery... cause I'm skrew'd if something happens. Right now, phones need to be sent in to fix things like that. Can't imagine living without my phone for a couple weeks.
  • A simple carrying case included with the phone (nothin' fancy... just something like the one that came with my iPod)
  • A single-ear headset option. I like to use a headset when I drive... and I hate those bluetooth thingies that people clip on their ear... looks like you've got a cicada on your head.
If I didn't have the advantage of having an iPhone for work, I'd probably wait to get one... like maybe a year from now when the next version comes out and there are a few more options and a little less cost.

Overall... I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Anyone else got one?
Getting one?
Want one?


Tim Morgan said...

Welcome to the club.

Connie said...

I would love one, but since I'm only a part-time carrot (would that be half a carrot?), I will have to live vicarously through you.

I do have the Costco card, though, hahahaha