Sneaky the Squirrel

Not sure if I've shared this, but John and I have gotten in to feeding / watching the birds. We've got a nice little haven in our backyard... a couple hummingbird feeders, a suet feeder, a few tube feeders and a birdbath. We spend most every morning watching the birds from the screened in porch as we drink our coffee, read the paper and get ready for the day.

Here's a little "tale" about Sneaky the Squirrel who lives in our backyard... who's recently discovered our bird haven.

He was first sighted by John clinging to our unprotected, unpretentious, delectable seed cake.

John said he watched the little guy for about 10 or 15 minutes, he would eat a while, hang / rest a while and then do it all again.

Well... not that we don't think he's cute, but we thought it might be a good idea to get a "dinner bell" feeder to help keep him out of the seed.

So much for that idea.

Not 15 minutes after I hung the seed cake in the new "dinner bell" feeder specifically designed to keep out large birds and squirrels, I saw him all scrunched up inside the bell... chewing happily away. Somehow he'd shimmied his way up that skinny pole and squished himself under the "squirrel deflecting dome". Heh.

As soon as the little thief sensed that I was watching from the window, Sneaky took a leapy off the feeder.

Then, this morning, as I walked into the dining room I totally caught him making his way to his breakfast. I grabbed my camera (which also shoots video) and started rolling... unfortunately I had the camera turned vertical at first... but you'll get the idea.

What a hoot.

We actually don't mind him so much... he's pretty entertaining. But, I'm sure the shine will wear off that coin, soon... especially when he starts bringin' his friends to dinner.

More good times for Sneaky. We may have to add a squirrel feeder to the mix. **wink**

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susan said...

That #$% squirrel stops by my house every day. I have a different name for him though since he beheaded ALL of my sunflowers. Many congratulations on the Opry gig. I meant to say that Friday and got distracted. I'm sure it won't be the last time.