2007's Top 13 Unlucky Music Industry Stories

Here's a little teaser of the story found on hypebot:
  1. Music sales continued their decline dropping another 15% or more over 2006. Sales were down 21% in the week before Christmas alone.Broken_record
  2. DRM is dead. Three of the four top label groups (EMI, Universal, and and last week WMG) stopped adding restrictive software to their downloads.
  3. Amazon.com opened an all mp3 store where every track is playable on any brand of player and can be burned to a CD. Amazon also rejected iTune's 99 cent/$9.99 pricing structure cutting them by 10%.
  4. Social networking gained traction as a viral marketing media. Facebook's open platform and Google's Open Social promised to make SN even more marketer friendly in 2008.
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