The Rolling Exhibit

On 20/20 last night, they aired a story about a man, Kevin Michael Connolly, who traveled the world without any legs. He was born without any legs... and his parents raised him as a normal kid. Kevin gets around using a skateboard and has a specially made leather / tread boot that he puts on his torso. He also skis... is a college senior... and seems to be able to figure out how to do just about anything we can do. In fact, he probably does it better. Heh.

The story was inspiring and amazing.

His travels around multiple countries inspired Kevin to take random snapshots of people who couldn't help but stare at him... and try to figure out his story. He took more than 32,000 photos... you'll find some of them at The Rolling Exhibition.

Go here for the story at 20/20's site.

And Kevin, if you're reading this... you are one special dude. Thank you for sharing your gift with us... and helping us see the world from a different perspective. You rock.

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Lannae said...

Hey Girl, that is really a great story! Thanks for sharing!