He's doubled in size...

Tank is now 11 weeks old... and growing like a weed!

He sits, he waits, he knows what "kennel" means and he rings his "I have to go outside now" bell like a champ.

When Tank first came home, we had big ideas to take a new pic each week... but he's proven to be too quick on the draw for my camera. I have many many photos of the rug and a puppy tail as he runs out of the shot... or a very blurry little body running through the shot.

We're definitely in love with Tank. In another four weeks, I'm sure he'll have doubled in size again.

Next up: I think we need to get that fence. Heh.


Connie said...

Soooo cute!!!

Neece said...

He's grown so much! Thanks for posting a photo of Tank. He IS adorable!!! He's lucky to have you both for his parents : ) Miss you guys. Hope you're having a great week!!

Love you!

~ Denice

Mahala said...

OMG the cuteness!!