The Death Clock

OK...this is creepy...but if you're like me you'll have to check it out:
The Death Clock

In my current condition, I'll die on September 19, 2036.
However, if I kick it in gear and make a few health / body changes in 2005, I'll live through July 8, 2048.
12 extra years...now there's an incentive!


Linda said...

Monday, August 31, 2020


Anonymous said...

Hey Jeanne,
According to this formula I have about 35 more years yet to live, and might live to age 72. I'm expected to go on the 4th of July. Better to go out with a bang. I've always thought I would go as the result of a car acccident. Thing is, I might not have to watch my weight and my BMI is 20. But...I smoke, tend to get down and depressed easily, and don't think I deal with stress very well. And, I only go walking if the weather is warm enough outside. So, I might be going before 72...or could surprise myself if I make some life changes too. Guess we have to wait and see how it all ends. Denice

BBLogan said...

LW: That's only 15 years! Girl...we gotta work on that. Must have something to do with the NC-17 rating! ; )

DF: OK...you definitely worry too much. Your post cracked me up. If we could cut out the worrying a little, I'll bet we could get you another 5 years. However, I think we should still shoot for the 4th of July so you can "go out with a bang"...HA. (Sorry...I just couldn't resist.)

Bottom line:
We're all gonna die.
Might as well have fun while we're here!