Holiday Travels


Hey...I was just sitting here thinking about what a great time we had on our holiday travels through Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota.

AND THEN...I realized I haven't even posted pics or told you all about everything we did.

Watch for an updates this week. I'll try to post a couple tidbits each day.



UPDATE: Okay...well...still working on those tidbits of holiday updates. Good news is that I finally got the photos uploaded to the computer yesterday morning. Bad news is that I haven't had time to add them to the blog. Something about needing to be home to get it done is messin' me up! Anyway...worst case scenario...you'll see something Saturday! XO, BB

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Don said...

Dear BB you rock!! I wish I could have seen you!! Hope you holidays went well! Wish the "Clock" the best too! I love hearing about what's happening with you, and I suppose it goes without saying I love you!!

Uncle Don