JTC surprises BB!

Saturday morning, from 8 - Noon or so, I had a CLC Council meeting. John let me know that he was going to practice and then run a few errands while I was gone. Not so unusual. Happens all the time.

Then, my council meeting ended early. So, I went home. John was already gone so I gave him a shout to let him know I was home. He told me he'd be another 45 minutes or so.

Great! That meant I had time to lay "The Forgotten One" down on tape and give Denice a ring.

At around Noon, John arrived home and asked me if I could help him carry some stuff in from the Element. Sure. No problem...I could help.

I had just gotten off the phone with Nicie and had all kinds of things to tell him about. So, of course, I was talking non-stop as we walked out to the garage. "Blah...blah...blah...blaaaaaah..."

As I rambled on, JTC opened the back of the Element to reveal a big rectangular box. It took a couple seconds for me to register what it was...and then I just started crying.

John had found out that the keyboard I've been pining over for a while was being discontinued...which meant music stores were selling them for less than half the retail price. So, there in the back of the Element, was a Korg SP200.

And, I must say, it is perfect. It plays and feels like a real piano...I'd swear there are little hammers somewhere in there! And, it hooks right up to the multi-track digital recorder so i can now record songs w/ the keyboard as I am working on them. No more tape player in front of the upright. Whoohoooo. Very cool.

THANK YOU Johnny the Clock!

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