Sans computer weekend...

OK...I lied. I wasn't able to update the blog with holiday fun this weekend. Not because I didn't try, though! Twice I went up to the office work on it. But, alas, I think our main home computer's monitor is finally kicking the preverbial bucket. It's lasted a long time. We've had it since 1997...so it is probably time to bite the bullet and get a new one.

(Not to mention that JTC has yet to play his new Zoo Tycoon because neither his laptop or the home computer has a video card that can handle it.)

Needless to say...we'll probably be looking for a good, cheap new monitor in the near future. (OR, maybe we'll splurge a little and get a flat screen.) Either way, have no fear...when that happens...you'll finally get a glimpse of the infamous holiday trip!


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