But it was the size of two tea bags...

It was that small.

What am I talking about, you ask?

A bat.

OK... I can't believe I'm posting again, but there's no stopping me now. Connie and I were just conspiring to wash our co-worker's coffee cup while he's out on Jury Duty this week. It's black and gross... and it needs some elbow grease.

Anyway... in that conversation, Connie recounted a story she'd heard on the radio about a woman finding a bat at the bottom of her tea cup at the end of the day.

A BAT... not a baseball bat.
A flying, animal BAT.

So... she and I decided to check Snopes, thinking it had to be fake.

It wasn't listed at Snopes.

"Hmmmm... must be too new of a myth," we thought outloud.

So, we turned to Google... where we found tons of search results confirming that the story is TRUE.


Apparently, a 60-year-old woman in Cedar Rapids, IA drinks tea while she works. All day long she adds hot water to the tea bags and sips away. When she dumped out her cup at the end of the day she found more than just her tea bags... she found a drowned bat!


Well... I bet she doesn't drink tea anymore.

AND... Connie is DEFINITELY taking Matt's cup home for a good cleaning, now. We don't want to attract any bats to the cabedge patch.

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Linda said...

Thank you for giving me the topic of my next nightmare.