He was only 44.

Woke up at 3:29 a.m.
Couldn't sleep.
Worrying about so many things lately.
So, I decided to check my RSS aggregator... catch up and distract myself from all these things I think are important enough to stay awake thinking about.

As I checked in on ChezBez, I scrolled down his post about Steve and clicked through to Susan's place.

I've been reading Susan's blog for a while now. Her photos inspire me and her stories make me think. She's posted about Steve and the street for a while now.

This morning, as I read about his death at age 44, I'm overwhelmed with sadness. He spent his final moments on this Earth under the Fesslers Lane overpass.

Steve Grady.

He was a person. He had a name. He was a good man who found himself in a place he couldn't escape. And Susan... she took the time to see that. Seeing Steve's life through Susan's eyes gives me perspective.

What is my problem?! I can't sleep. I sit in the dark, worrying about my "troubles"... suddenly they don't seem like troubles at all. Instead, my troubles seem like blessings.

Thank you, God... for waking me up to show me my blessings.

Thank you, Steve. May you find peace in Heaven.

Thank you, Susan. May you know how much you helped Steve and so many others by telling his story.

Thank you, Chez. Someday I hope we get to meet in person.

Don't walk by.

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