I hate waiting in line

One of this morning's repeated live shots was all about dozens of people all over Nashville who've been camping out in line at stores the past two days to buy the new PS3.

It got me thinking... what would I camp in line for three days for?

I couldn't come-up with anything.

Seriously. I hate waiting in line. Period. 30 minutes to an hour or so I can deal with... but anything longer than that? I think that kind of wait would override any desire I had to buy something.

What about you?
Would you do it?
And, if so, what would you camp in line for three days for?
The PS3? Tickets to a concert? American Idol auditions? What?


t said...

Im pretty sure if there was some sort of food or cig shortage...id be lining it. Now, if there was a money shortage (like my own) i suppose id stand in the bread line.

BBLogan said...

Yeah... well there is that. OK... maybe there is something I'd stand in line for... heh.