Buffaloberry pie

My favorite pie in the entire universe is: buffalo berry pie.

What the heck is a buffalo berry? Well... it's a wild currant-like berry that grows on a silvery tree / bush in my parent's pasture in Nebraska. The berries are very rich and almost nutty in flavor... and they make excellent jam and pie.

When I was home over Christmas, my Mom gave me a couple of canned quarts (Thanks, Mom!). I've been saving them for this week... last night, I made a buffalo berry pie with one of the quarts as a birthday present to myself. (Thursday is my birthday! Whoohooooo!)

It turned out pretty good... and I've decided I'm going to eat a piece of pie for breakfast every day this week until it is gone. I figure, it's fruit... bread... no different than eating a Danish or something, right?!


Anyway... here are pics of the event.


Tasted so good, John and I went online and ordered ten buffalo berry bushes / trees (if you click, you'll have to scroll down to see the description) to plant along the west site of our yard.


Once they're planted and grow a couple years, we'll have buffalo berries of our very own to pick and can.

I see more buffalo berry pies and jam in our future!


Chaser said...

OK, just so everyone knows...I ate a piece of this (this actual piece, so BB tells me), and it was most interesting (read: what you say when it's not good or bad). What was hilarious was just how many berries were in this thing! Here's the comparison - using same peice size:

Strawberries = 7-9
Blueberries = maybe 16
Blackberries = 9 or so, if you're lucky
Buffalo Berries = 2, 632

Just look at the picture. Hey, new game, BB...guess how many B-berries in this peice of pie, and get...

BBLogan said...

Another piece of pie!

Chaser wins.

heh... it is definitely like no other pie you've ever tasted... nutty and tart at the same time... very rich. About 1/3 the size of a normal piece of pie is what I recommend. I also recommend a cup of coffee and/or some ice cream when you eat it. Mmmmmgood. Cuts the tartness a little.