creative weekend

Spent the weekend painting... so I just thought I'd share.

Made the "squares" playing with some canvas tape I had... It looks good from a distance, but there are a few imperfections that I'm not groovin' on... so I may paint over it and try it again.

I painted another painting similar to this a while back that I really like. So, I thought I'd try to create something new but better than before. I'm really happy with how this one turned out.

And here, I painted over a canvas where I'd tried to paint some flowers a couple months ago. Because I like to use a lot of paint... love the texture... when I painted over the old painting, you can see the texture through the background. So, now I'm torn. Not sure I want to add any more to what I did here because I can see the grass and the flower texture and I kinda like it... but it is hard to see.

I'm starting to get more paintings than I have walls. Have been considering displaying a few in a coffee shop somewhere to see if anyone would want to buy one. What do you think?

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