The gift of music...

Thirty years ago today, my Mom and Dad gave me this piano for my birthday. At the time... and maybe even still today... they have no idea how special it is to me.

It is living and breathing in my eyes.
It helped me... and is still helping me discover myself.

Over the years it has been my comforter, my friend, my confidant and the single most creative catalyst in my life... especially in my formative years.

If I hadn't received it as a present... I may have never discovered my passion for music.

While I'm not a concert pianist; and you won't see me playing keys in a band; or, find me accompanying myself at a gig... this piano helps to fill my soul in ways that I may never be able to explain.

So... just in case you missed it the first 1,000 times I said it,
Thank you, Dad & Mom

... for lugging this big, giant diamond-in-the-rough out of a basement in Crofton, NE
... for putting sweat and tears into making it so beautiful
... for giving me the gift of music that is so much a part of who I am today.


Ginger said...

What a beautiful post and a thoughtful tribute.

lcreekmo said...

What a treasure you have!! [the piano AND your family :) ]