Sticking with the Whirly Pop...

Occasionally at work, I'll fire up the ol' microwave and have myself some Orville Redenbocker's Movie Theatre Butter Popcorn.

And occasionally, at home, I'll make some "Pour over cheddar" Orville Redenbocker's Microwave popcorn.

But my all time favorite popcorn is straight-up white popcorn kernels, cooked in my trusty stove top Whirly Pop in just a little vegetable oil or olive oil and a sprinkle or twelve of salt and a couple tabs of butter once it's all popped-up. It actually seems to pop faster in the Whirly than the microwave.

Why am I telling you all of this, you ask? Well, today was one of those microwave popcorn days at work. Just needed a little crunch to get me through the rest of the day. As I took the bag out of the nuc-machine, not one... not two... not three... no... not four... FIVE people informed me of today's news about "popcorn lung".

So... after doing a little Googling...
I've decided not to take any chances anymore.
Time to stop eating microwave popcorn.
I'm going to stick with the Whirly Pop from now on.
Sorry about your luck, Orville.


THE DUCK said...

I just noticed the other day that at least one popcorn manufacturer was going to stop using this nasty chemical, fyi. So, hopefully it will be safe to take that first whiff out of the bag soon! *fingers crossed*

lcreekmo said...

I will always use the Whirly-Pop. It's SO MUCH better.