Surprise... on the Opry... AGAIN!

So, last night I went along with Clocky to the Opry to see him and the guys play. I wasn't planning to sing... just there to take pics and support my man and the band.

As they were getting ready to go on, JW (manager) asked me if I was singing.
I said, "No."
Then... he said, "Yes you are..."
To which I replied, "You sure?"
And he said, "Yes."

So I did!

I sang background w/Lee Roy on "Daddies & Daughters". It was so cool being on the Opry stage w/him, Clocky, Charles and Jon. They are my brothers in music.

See the photo to the right for some blurry evidence of my surprise performance. Heh.

Thanks to JW and Lee Roy for including me, once again.

I'll post a link to the show's WSM Radio Online Archives as soon as they get the performace uploaded to their site.

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