Petey O'Possum

As you may know, Johnny and I have a little bird watching haven in our back yard. And... we see so much more than just birds! We've got squirrel, rabbit, chipmunk, blue heron, coyote, racoon, turtles, possums, too. With the exception of the squirrel and chipmunk, everything else keeps its distance.

Recently, we discovered we've got a BOLD little opossum, too. Earlier this week, he raided the bird coffers for at least 30 minutes before he realized a) it was morning... the sun was out... he needed to hide; and, b) there were two funny looking humans looking at him through the window and from the screened in porch.

Johnny named him "Petey"cause he looked like a juvenile who didn't know any better yet. Hopefully he won't find out the hard way that he needs to hide when the sun comes up. Heh.

Don't tell Petey... but he's kinda cute in a creepy-sort-of-furry-rat-like way. Heh.

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jody.lentz said...

"kinda cute"? NOT!
possums are dirty, stupid animals -- you're giving them WAY too much credit.
sorry if I'm being judgemental...