lychee bubble tea...

friggin' ROCKS.
What the heck is bubble tea?
What the heck is a lychee?

Go to the Fat Straw (across from Edgehill Studio at Edgehill and Villa near Music Row) and getcha some... with black tea and milk.

oooooh... it's so YUMMY.

PS: It's a cash only type-o-place, so be sure to take some "lettuce". *wink*

PPS: AND... BTW... I met LannaeLong.blogspot.com when I dropped by for my lychee bubble tea fix. She was sooooo cool... go pay her a visit when you get a chance. She got the whole scoop on bubble tea and the Fat Straw.


chez béziat said...

I like bubble tea. I had some in Chicago earlier this year and fell in love.

Thanks for sharing your Nashville find. I'll stop in soon.

Lannae said...

Hey Girl, I gotta tell ya, there may be some disposable income heading towards Fat Straw! I want to try all the different combos you can make there. How about peppermint and avocado? LOL, um maybe I will try chocolate and peppermint first.

Anonymous said...

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