What I bought with my cabedge lettuce.

UPDATE - 12/17/07:
Good news -- I already received my cool leather laptop cover via USPS.
Bad news -- it doesn't fit my laptop. It is just about 1/8 inch to big for my 15" MacBook Pro. So... If you were thinking of getting one... DON'T. It won't fit. I'm sending it back and am hoping I get a refund instead of store credit.
*fingers crossed*

Received a Amazon gift certificate from the head of cabedge for Christmas... er... um... the holidays (must be PC since it was a work gift).

As I thought about how I would spend my cabedge lettuce, it occured to me that I've wanted to get a hard case to protect my cabedge mac for a some time now. (Figure it's the least I can do since I have such a cool computer to use for work and for me. Thanks Chris!)

And... wouldn't you know it... Amazon sells protective but stylish computer shells!

I perused all kinds of protective cases... red, furry, clear, plastic, leather, deco-looking... I was truly amazed at the options.

After about 30 minutes of comparing my favs, I decided to use my cabedge lettuce on a U-Suit Leather Cover Case. It was a tough call between that and a red Speck hard case.

Ultimately, I landed on the leather because:
  • I hadn't seen that before... and I like being different;
  • Plastic always looks good when you first get it, but ultimately it starts looking faded and scratched pretty quickly;
  • I thought I should get something I wanted but might not buy for myself if it weren't a gift.
  • Oh yeah... when I took a poll with Clocky and Charles... they both thought the black leather was cooler and more unique. SOLD.
It should be here in about a week... just in time for traveling with my computer for the holidays. YAY.

Thank you, cabedge.
Merry Christmas to me!

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