Sunday night... Catch the Christmast Spirit

Bekka Bramlett & friends (Charles, Jon, Bob, Etta and Nick) are performing Sunday night, 12/23 @ 3rd & Lindsley from 8 - 10. It's a Christmas Show airing LIVE on Lightning 100 / WRLT, too.

There's nothin' like some funky, fun, incredible music to get you in the holiday spirit. Bring your family... bring your friends... sit back and let the music lift you up.

Clocky and I will be somewhere near or in Kansas City (on our way home to celebrate the holidays with family and friends) by the time the show starts... so if you go... give Bekka, Charles, Jon, Bob, Etta and Nick some love from us. Wish we could be there, too.

Merry Christmas.
Happy New Year.

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