Made it through hump day.

Wednesday was a GREAT day.
I made some headway on a few projects that have been staring me in the face. And, last week the marketing summer intern started. Her name is Megumi (She's from Japan) and she's a smartie. We met yesterday to get the ball rolling on a big project she's going to be helping me with...establishing some ongoing primary usability research methods (talking to people who use NFIB.com to see how they use the site, if they are able to locate the things they need, and then using that information to make improvements to NFIB.com that will help people be able to find the stuff they are looking for more easily). If all goes well, I'm hoping to get it going relatively quick so that she can also assist with the implementation of the plan once the department is onboard. I think we're going to have fun putting the plan together...and I really think once we get it going it is going to improve the site for our members / visitors immensely which should translate to more traffic and eventually increased revenue from online memberships / renewals. Blah blah blah...see why I never talk about work! BORING.

Love choir.
Choir night...Wednesday night is always choir night.
Choir gets my butt to church every Sunday. Not only do I get to sing, but going to church really helps me re-charge each week. No matter how much time I spend praying and worshiping by myself, there's just something about worshiping with others that takes it up a knotch. It is soooo cool being a member of Christ Lutheran Church. The people there make us feel so at home. And Pastor Richardson (no relation of course!), he's the best. Donna (fellow singer/songwriter) helped me get a little more involved by asking me to be on the worship committee with her. I even started helping out as a worship assistant and a lector on occassion. A few weeks ago, I was asked to be a member of the Vision committee. We're trying to find ways to increase membership and take things up a knotch or two. I really like being involved in that, too. Good people. Good stuff.

The Notebook
Tonight seven or eight of us from work are going out for supper and then to see the early showing of the movie The Notebook. It is supposed to be really good. I'll give you the scoop tomorrow...without giving away the story too much, of course!

Time for me to get something done around here...
Have a GREAT day.

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