Too many things to do...not enough time to blog!

Hey everyone.
Hope you've have a good weekend. My apologies for not writing since last week. I've been busy and moving a little slower than usual. The pot rack incident still has me gimping along a little bit!

Thursday, 7/15:
John and I met some friends at 3rd & Lindsley to attend a benefit for Jonell Mosser and her husband, Andy Bob. You would not believe all the people who came out to support her. I am sooooo bummed that I didn't have my camera with me so I could show you the love! It was truly spectacular to witness.

The music was GREAT. Bobby Keyes (the sax player for the Rolling Stones) was there to sit in with Jumbo Shrimp and T Graham Brown. Gary Nicholsen, Dave Pomeroy, Bekka Bramlett, Kentucky Thunder (Jonell Mosser, Vicki Carico, Sheila Lawrence and Etta Britt) and Jack Pearson (Allman brothers band member)...It was all spectacular.

And, even better than the music was the overwhelming sense of support for Jonell in the Nashville music community (and beyond). Because Jonell has chosen to live her life in a way that is helpful and respectful to everyone around her...and I mean EVERYONE...her kindness has come back to her in this time of need 1,000 fold. She didn't have to ask for help, people just started showing up at her door. People had to convince her to let them give her and Andy Bob a benefit.

Being there was a GREAT experience.

Friday, 7/16:
After work, John and I ate dinner at home...grilled chicken and potatoes.  Then, John wanted to take some time to rehearse for next weekend's gig so I went to see Mark Barnett and the Volcanoes of Soul at Hobo Joes.   Had a great time mingling with other songwriters and hearing some good music.

Saturday, 7/17:
John and I hung out until he had to leave (11:30 a.m.) to go play with the Drifters in Knoxville.  I spent the rest of the day going down a list of friends to catch up with via phone.  Only made it about half-way down the list, but had a great time.  Next week I'll work on the other half!

At 6:30 I met Emily and Lynn at Anatolies (Turkish restaurant) for dinner.  The food was great and the three of us talked and caught up.  Emily and Lynn are moving to Tampa in August. :(  We sure will miss them...but look forward to getting to visit them in Florida!  They are already tempting us with all kinds of good "excuses" to visit! 

At around 9:30 or so, I went to a songwriter get-together at David Lee Slate's house.  Several cool people were there and David Lee even had a little flatbed fashioned as a stage in is back yard.  Tons of people were hanging out and singing/playing their songs. Good stuff.

Sunday, 7/18:
In the morning, I had a church "vision" meeting.  Then, it was my turn to be the worship assistant at the 10:30 service.  Oh yeah...I sang in choir, too! Full morning! 

When I returned from church, John was already home from Knoxville and upstairs practicing up a storm!  WHOOHOO. 

We went to lunch at Calypso's, got his metronome fixed at Guitar Center, picked up groceries for the week and ran errands.

After we finished our Sunday afternoon routine, John practiced while I picked up a little.
Emily and Lynn came over for "taco" supper.

There you have it...all caught up.
I'll try to be better about keeping this thing updated this week.
Don't forget to post comments (like Denice!) to let me know what's going on in your world, too!

Have a GREAT day.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jeanne ~
I like catching up by reading your Blog...I feel I've been right there with you all weekend. Sorry we couldn't talk longer when you called on Sat. while we were at JazzFest. I was wishing you were here. Kenny had so much support and a lot of "fans" came to watch him including my family - mom, dad, my brother Troy & Kristi, my brother Dan & Carrie and Emmalee, our friend Renee` Palumbo from K.C., my friend Terri from Mpls., JaNelle - nurse at work, Teresa - Program Coord. from work, Steve & Carol Ann Jackson, Dick & Darleen, Sue, and other friends Emily Johnson & Jason, Toby Walberg, Steve Raanes, etc. It was an awesome turn out and they estimated around 90,000 for this year! It was a gorgeous day, and Kenny and the guys' gig went great! I also really enjoyed hearing John Hiatt, and like his song writing a lot and bought his double CD. We'll have to catch up more on the phone soon. Hope your getting healed up quickly so you feel like doing all you want to do....though it seems like it's not slowing you down one bit! Say Hi to John. Talk to you soon. Love ya ~ Denice