Visitors from the Cornhusker state!

Hopefully you've all had a chance to see the cool photos from John's Florida tour that have been posted the last couple days. He had such a great time. (And, more to come I'm sure.) If you look to the right column, you can see past posts and the photos are still in there if you want to check them out. Click away!

Visitors from Nebraska
Tonight, my Mom & Dad arrive from Nebraska. This will be the second time they've visited since we moved here almost four years ago...so we're excited to see them. I'm sure the time will go fast.

Mom & Dad (Tom & Connie) arrive tonight at about 8:30. They won't be getting any supper on the flight, so John will be cooking up some ribs, corn on the cob and beans while I pick them up from the airport. We may even have some margaritas waiting for them when they arrive! Whoohoo.

Friday's Plan
Because they don't get here very often, I decided to take tomorrow and Monday off so that I can spend some time with them. We'll probably hang out and maybe take a drive around Nashville to see the sights.

For lunch, I think I'm going to take them to the Genghis Grill in Cool Springs. It's become one of my favorite places to eat because you basically build your own meal. The server gives you a bowl that you fill with meat, veggies and spices. Once your bowl is ready, you pick your sauce and your carb (rice or noodles). The cook takes your bowl and puts everything on this big round grill. It cooks away while you watch...and you get to eat exactly what you want! Fun.

Then, when John gets home from work around 3 p.m., we'll head to Opry Mills for some shopping, supper and The Grand Ole Opry at 7:30 p.m. Somehow, I was able to get some decent seats. We're in section one, row E on the main floor which is to the right of the stage. Hopefully, it won't be so far over that we can't see anything! Should be cool.

Saturday Road Trip
John's playing in Cairo, IL at the Jen Jam which is about three hours from Nashville. So...we're road trippin'! BMT plays at 3:30. Mom & Dad haven't gotten a chance to see John play with them, so it should be fun. PLUS, the Jen Jam is located in a park right where the Missouri, Ohio and Mississippi Rivers all meet. It is a very cool place.

Oh yeah...before we take off for IL...John and I plan to make Belgian waffles, homemade maple syrup and sausage for breakfast. Yummmmmy.

Sunday Songs
What Mom & Dad don't know is that I'm singing lead for choir on Sunday. It will be cool to surprise them with a great song that my choir director, Kerry Chater, wrote with my friend Donna Ulisse. It's gonna be cool!

SIDEBAR: Kerry Chater's songwriting credits include "You Look So Good in Love" (George Strait), "I.O.U." (Lee Greenwood), "I Know a Heartache When I See One" (Jennifer Warnes), "What She Wants" (Michael Martin Murphey) and "Hey Mister (I Need This Job)" (Shenandoah). Isn't that crazy! AND, he's our choir director. WILD.

For lunch, John reserved the kitchen table at a family style Italian restaurant, Buca Di Beppo's. We did this when Brenda, Paige and Denice visited in April and had a BLAST. Basically, there is a table right in the kitchen of the restaurant where you can sit in the middle of all the action. The waiters show you every entree until you drool. Watching how everything gets done is spectacular. Hopefully Mom & Dad will think it is cool, too.

Then, Sunday night is my big debut at the Bluebird. Can't wait! So far, if everyone who says they'll come shows up, there will be about 30 people there to support me. That is soooooooo cool. Blessed. I'm truly blessed.

Monday Goodbyes
See why the weekend is going to go fast. Mom & Dad take off Monday afternoon. :(

So...as you may have already guessed...I may not by writing much on the blog this weekend. Look for a full update on the weekend events Monday, 7/12. I'll include photos and everything!

Have a blessed day.


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