The weekend through today...

Saturday, 7/24:
John took off for Paducah, KY early Saturday. From there, I spent the morning running errands, getting my oil changed and the car looked over. I also visited the antique store where I stepped on the hook of a pot rack a two weeks ago to say hello and let them know I was okay. Gail, the woman who helped me and my parents, was there. She is very nice and she even asked me if I wanted to meet sometime for coffee. Very cool. It's nice to know that the entire world isn't mean. HA.

Then, I met my friend Gwen at the Gibson Cafe to see Jeffrey Steel perform. It was incredible...as always. Steve C was on fire once again and the whole band was sounding like a well oiled machine. KK (background singer) wasn't there because she hurt herself rollerblading several weeks ago. Sounds like she really messed up her leg. Hopefully, she'll be back soon. I did tell Jeffrey that he should let me know if he needs any help in the meantime...but I'm not holding my breath for the phone to ring! HA.

Sunday, July 25:
Had a Vision Team meeting at church and then was the worship assistant for the 10:30 service. I really enjoy being the worship assistant.

John got home just before I returned from church. So, I picked him up and we went to Las Palmas for some cheap Mexican food. He really enjoyed playing with and meeting Andy Kim. From the sounds of it, he was very musical and like to have fun. Sonny Geraci actually had his own drummer, so John played percussion with him. JTC said he was okay but a little cheesy. Jim Yester was really nice...although John said his voice isn't what it used to be. I'm looking forward to meeting all of them when we go on the cruise in August.

After lunch, John got groceries and I went First Lutheran Church to sing at our former pastoral intern's ordination and installment. The whole choir sang along with Celebration Lutheran's choir. The church itself is very old and beautiful. It's organ is the exact organ at St. Mark's Lutheran in Bloomfield, NE (the congregation where I grew up). Seeing it gave me flashbacks to agape choir, dozens of weddings, ice cream socials, Luther League and the like. That was kind of nice. The service went great.

Following the service, John met me and several other people for appetizers at Mafioza's over on 12th avenue. We had a good time and then went home to make pizza for supper. (It was much cheaper to make our own! HA.)

OH YEAH. John is my HERO! He found my passport. Whoohoooooo. Apparently I had not realized that it was still in the suitcase I used when attending the CBS / Promax Conference in Toronto. Wow. That was probably 1997. Crazy.

Monday, 7/26:
Not too much to report. Worked and went home. John made yummmmmmy grilled chicken, steamed broccoli and rice for supper. Then we fell asleep watching "Blast from the Past" on TBS.

Today, Tuesday, 7/27:
Had a new employee breakfast meeting with the CEO of NFIB, Jack Faris, this morning. That was a trip. There were about 15 or so there and the food was good. Mr. Faris went around the table and asked each and every one of us about ourselves and our history at NFIB. He's very good at what he does and a strong leader. Just one of the many reasons I am happy to be a part of NFIB.

More meetings continued until about 3 p.m. Since then I've been working on the things we decided to do at the meetings...actually, I'm still working on things we decided to do at meetings I had last week. I need one of me to attend the meetings and another of me to do the work of the meetings! HA.

Tonight, John is making country ribs w/sweet potatoes. MMMMmmmmmm Good. Can't wait.

Tomorrow through Friday will be crazy day and night.
Look for another update on Saturday.>

Hope you're having a GREAT week.

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