Rosemary, Chili's and The Notebook

Rosemary and me.
Yesterday, my friend Rosemary and I had lunch at Quiznos. She is THE BEST. We hadn't seen each other in a while so conversation was plentiful. Rosemary and I definitely need to make time to see each other more often!

Socializing at Chili's
After work last night, seven of the women from my department went out to eat at Chili's. We each had a margarita with our supper and tons of laughs. It's good to get to know people you work with outside of work. We had a blast.

Catching a chick flick with the girls from NFIB.
Then we went to the movie and bawled our eyes out. If you're planning to go see The Notebook, take along a box of tissue. You're going to need it. Of course, when we saw the movie last night, the entire theatre was filled with women. By the end of the show we were all a mess. Now...I'm not telling you this to deter the 'chick-flick phobics' out there from going to see this flick. I'll admit, it is probably more of a chick flick...BUT it really is for anyone who truly loves someone else...to the core of their being. In fact, I may be dragging Johnny the Clock out to it when he gets back...and I wish Denice and I could have seen it together. (Denice...if you're reading this...GO SEE THE MOVIE. You'll love it...and then we can pretend we saw it together) Next...I'm going to read the book. Of course, everyone that I've talked to who's read the book says the book is better. Typical.

Johnny the Clock Plays West Palm Beach
Talked to John yesterday morning. They had settled into their hotel near their gig in WPB. He said it looked like it was going to be a lot of fun. I guess it is weekly event during the summer called Clematis By Night . John thinks they'll have photos posted at the "gallery" section of the Clematis website, so we'll have to check back tomorrow to see if we can see some pics of BMT in action.

I should hear from John again this morning, so I'll post again later to let you know how his gig went last night.

Have a good one.
Catch you later today.


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Linda said...

Welcome to the world of blogging!

And thanks again for coming to visit me for lunch! You rock.

BBLogan said...

Hope you're feeling better soon.
Thank you for your 'blogging inspiration.'

When I grow up, I want to blog...just like you.

Call me if you need me this weekend.
Call me if you don't need me this weekend!
Your choice.
: )