Darrel Worley and Jackie Mason Sightings

Last night, after our writers round at Hair of the Dog, I met Micol and Ricky Davis for a bite at South Street. While we were there we saw Darrel Worley eating at a table just down from us.

Then, as we were sitting in the open porch area, a guy walked by who looked really familiar. We figured out that it was a famous comedian...but couldn't think of his name. Then he walked by again...said hello (probably because we were staring at him trying to remember his name!). Still couldn't remember it.

This morning Ricky sent me an e-mail. As he was lying in bed last night, the name came to him. We saw Jackie Mason. And, sure enough, according to his website, he's in Nashville this week.

You just never know what you're going to see around Nashvegas.

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