Making YOUR Presidential Decision

Which presidential candidate should you vote for?

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Don said...

Dear Jean and John,

Wow are you lucky I got this to work! I'm so seventies!
Hope you are all doing well!! This music life sounds really exciting. We keep talking about going to see you. I really, really, really would like to see you perform. How can I post pictures for you? I have some from Erik's wedding. Hey - I know other "smart" things O.K.!!!

Uncle Don P.S. I'm voting for Michael Moore this site says because I'm not certain that everyone who is electrocuted, lethally injected, or hung is the right guy - hey it doesnt mean I'm a whimp either - its my kid - I might try it myself. Ninety percent of death row inmates recieve a public defender - I think it is worth the percent we dont kill. And who do you pick to kill the people you want killed on death row? Who has to go home at night and decide whether he helped an innocent person die early???