We went to Graceland

Last weekend we had visitors from Iowa, Tom and Gertie. The time went entirely too fast. We had a blast.

Friday night John grilled pork chops. Mmmmmgood.

Saturday we drove to Memphis to visit Graceland. Below are a few snapshots of the adventure.

Tom, Gertie and Johnny the Clock in front of Graceland on Saturday.

John and Gertie with Elvis' music room in the background.

Tom and John...thinking about making a break for the second floor of the mansion. (It's off-limits to the public.)

JTC mugging for the shot in Elvis' raquetball court.

Damn...JTC forgot his suit. Guess he'll have to swim in Elvis' pool next time.

The look of patience as we waited for our food at the Rockabilly Grill.

They tried to jump this car in front of Elvis' Auto museum. No luck. So, they decided to have their photo taken with it instead!

Potential to become Elvis impersonators...don't you think?!

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