Spell check the art

LIVERMORE, Calif. - A Miami artist has agreed to correct the spelling errors on the ceramic mural she assembled outside the new library in Livermore, Calif. Maria Alquilar, who originally refused to fix the misspellings despite being paid $40,000 for the project, said Assistant City Manager Jim Piper persuaded her to rethink her decision. >>Read more at USAToday.com


Jack's Shack said...

She made this a much bigger deal than it had to be. I am sure that if she saw that her name was misspelled somewhere she would want it corrected.

Glad to see that this is being fixed.

BBLogan said...

Agreed. And, in most situations, is just better to admit a mistake and make it right. Trying to avoid dealing with it only made it worse.

BTW: I just checked out your profile Jack's Shack. Not sure how this worked out, but I too am 35 and a Taurus Rooster. Very interesting.