Top 10 Trends from Internet's First 10 Years

From today's e-Marketer newsletter -- The face of the US Internet user has changed over the past 10 years, significantly. What's more, the way the Internet is being used has certainly evolved and will continue to do so. Herewith, a review of the top 10 Internet trends highlighted by the recently-released USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Future report. >>Read More

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Anonymous said...

So...I guess item #4 applies to me in this article. I like the fact that I can book my flights on-line, at the time I need to, connecting at the airport of my choice, viewing the seating chart for the seat I want to sit in, using the cc to purchase it, and printing out an e-ticket receipt. Really like that! See you in just a few short weeks. I e-mailed you my itinerary.
~ Denice