Airport Celebrity Sighting

Saw Rodney Crowell and Will Kimbrough at the airport last week as I was making my way to DC for work. As a follower of Will Kimbrough's blog, I noticed this morning that he and Rodney were going to the same place. Go figure... I guess they do play together... duh... should have probably put two and two together. HA. Sometimes it takes me a while.

Anyway, you have to read down through this post to see that they were playing in Stephenville, TX Wednesday night... where John was playing on Saturday night with LRP.

What a small world.

As I think about it, almost everytime I go to the airport I see a celebrity of some sort... it's so surreal. At the same time, for the most part anyway, everyone seems to leave them alone and just let's them be a human being who's getting on a flight to go to work. Just one more reason I love Nashville.

Any other cool airport celebrity sightings to report?

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Summer said...

In my last couple of years going back and forth between Nashville and Austin, I've seen Tanya Tucker, Kicks Brooks, George Clinton (LOVED the hair in person)... and that's just in the airport.

I always look at folks carrying guitars and wonder if it's someone I should know...