JTC sails the high seas...

How cool is this?! On their day off in Florida, a friend of LRP's took the entire band out on their 180' boat for a cruise on the ocean. Just hung up the phone with John and he says this is one of those life experiences he'll never forget. He said they had this incredible lunch and that the chef is making their supper right now. (Thank you LR and friend!)

Here are some pics JTC has been sending me today via phone. This first photo is of them leaving the dock in West Palm... I think.

Here is a photo of "Captain Tom" as they drive away. There was also an "assistant" captain (not sure what the official title was) and a chef and staff on board to serve lunch and supper.

And this was taken out on the ocean in the boat. Apparently, they went out far enough that they couldn't see any land at all.

The wake of the boat as they drive away. John said it got really wide and big when they were going faster out on the ocean... he thought it was at least 40' wide. Cool.

Here's a shot of what John says is a small portion of the boat's cabin. It's like a house on the water!

And here is one of the three staterooms on the boat... John will be sleeping in one of them tonight. Hope the cool ocean breezes rock him to sleep.

What a well deserved relaxation for everyone.
May the adventure continue!
Miss you JTC... rest well buddy.

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Sarah Ashlee said...

That's awesome! Tell him to take a picture of the outside of the boat!